Alternate Delivery

Alternate Delivery

When considering a facility expansion, the alternative delivery methods provide you several options in delivering your project.

Design/Build is a streamlined delivery model that is most appropriate when the owner has limited time or available resources to participate in the design process, and has confidence in the Design/Build team’s ability to handle the design, construction and project turnover to the owner.  We select a design partner and the owner provides our assembled Design/Build team with a “Basis of Design”.  From this basis we establish a firm, fixed price or “Guaranteed Maximum Price” very early.  The streamlined benefits include a single point of accountability as procurement, communications, and conflicts are all handled internally by our Design/Build team.

Construction Management at Risk is similar in concept to Design/Build with the exception of the Designer’s Contract.  That contract is held by the Owner.  This allows more control over the final design development of the project, while still leveraging some of the benefits of a streamlined model.

There are other models like Integrated Project Delivery and LEAN that strive to contractually assemble a team of experts that work together early in the project life cycle to deliver streamlined and  high quality project delivery.  We have the experience and capability to support your preferred delivery method, or provide recommendations on the right method for your project. Let’s look at your project together and find the right delivery model for you.

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