Safety & Health Vision Statement

Every day we strive to make our jobsites safe for everyone involved, to protect all our workers and subcontract partners, and ensure everyone goes home in the same condition they showed up in (but maybe a little more tired).

We are a self-performing General Contractor, and we have recently averaged over 500,000 self-performed work hours per year.  Our goal is to never have an incident, but we accurately track incidents if they do occur; and we report honestly and realistically to help our Corporate Safety Committee evaluate incidents individually to determine how we can improve.

We have initiated and emphasized daily pre-task planning to eliminate injuries to our coworkers.  Each of our crews prepares a safe plan of action for the day’s activities.  These plans focus on the execution of the task, the hazards that exist, and the best way to eliminate the hazards.  We also emphasize hazard controls that address the ever-changing construction site work environment.  We developed hazard analysis that relates specifically to the type of tools and formwork utilized on the project and the necessary controls.

We enforce policy that requires coworkers to utilize mechanical means for the material handling and only apply physical material handling as a last resort.  In addition to project and job specific safety training, our craft work force receives OSHA 10 Hour Training early in their careers at Dugan & Meyers.  Management and Supervisory coworkers receive OSHA 30 Hour Training.