Stretch and Flex

Stretch and Flex

Why Dugan & Meyers Implemented a Stretch & Flex Program

As a self-performing contractor we recognize that one of the most essential contributors to our success is our workforce. Without healthy workers capable of meeting the daily physical challenges, the work could not be completed.

On our projects the concrete footers, foundations and walls are primarily self-performed work and involve many strenuous tasks that involve lifting of heavy materials, climbing concrete forms and working in awkward positions; manning a concrete hose, vibrating concrete and pulling concrete blankets are just the tip of the iceberg of the long list of arduous task performed by our workforce each day.

Our Corporate Safety Committee suggested implementing a Stretch & Flex Program that was customized by a professional certified in disability and absence management to target Dugan & Meyers’ everyday physical activities.

Professionals visited our projects and observed the workers performing their normal duties and determined which stretches were most beneficial. A total of twenty-two stretches were designed to target various parts of the body.

Positive Results

1. 50% reduction in injuries that involve sprain or strain to various parts of the body.

2. Daily stretches along with discussion prior to start of each work shift has allowed for group idea sharing which results in better task planning and helps workers be more efficient in gathering tools, materials and the necessary safety personal protective equipment.

3. Improvement in the physical and mental well-being of participating workers.

4. Reduced risk for muscle strain/sprains, which helps reduce workers’ compensation claims.