Safety & Health Vision Statement

Dugan & Meyers LLC demonstrates quality, experience and a proactive attitude in managing the safety and health of the work environment for our employees and coworkers.  These qualities are used to help exhibit and support our client’s existing compliance efforts and provide their operation with a strong sense of security.

One of Dugan & Meyers’ corporate philosophies is to encourage our employees and co-workers to view safety as a “Personal Core Value” both at work and during their personal time.

Another corporate philosophy is to integrate safety and risk management into our daily operations at all levels so that it becomes a natural part of our operation’s culture, enhances management/worker cooperation and provides long-term positive results.

Last, but certainly not least, is our corporate philosophy to demonstrate our vested interest in the protection of employees by voluntarily working with various government agencies, associations and groups to assist in promoting safety consistently in all states in which we work.

Because of our corporate commitment to the safety and health of our employees, clients and co-workers, Dugan & Meyers’ management is committed to working with state and federal OSHA agencies by participating in partnerships such as the ACI/OSHA Partnership Program and the federal OSHA Challenge Program, which is a “roadmap” in working towards participating in the OSHA VPP for Construction Program.